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Fanny Chan

“No one can imagine, I was 155lbs four years ago. It’s really scary. I’ve tried many different methods to loss weight. I took fat burning pills. I lost some weight in the beginning. But once I stopped taking the pills, my weight bounced up to 160lbs. After that, I joined a fitness center and participated group exercise classes every single day. I did whatever classes available. After more than 1 year, I still couldn’t see any obvious result. 

Two years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Simple Life and my personal trainer Frankie. In the beginning, I thought I have tried almost all the methods and didn’t see any obvious result. I would give it a final shot. I would just give up if I still could not get any result from PT. Frankie tailor-made a special training program for me. Every single exercise I did was specially designed for the need of my body. Just after 4 months, I saw very obvious result. This is the first time in my life that I could able to wear an M size cloth instead of XL. 
I also enjoy taking yoga classes in Simple Life very much. Unlike other fitness and yoga centers, all the yoga classes here are run in small scale. Our teachers are able to take care of each of the students. 

Apart from exercise, there are also many other activities organised by Simple Life. We are like a family. We share every single piece of our life with each other. I am so glad that I joined Simple Life 2 years ago. Finally I realised, a healthy body and mind is much more important than just a skinny shaped body. Now I enjoy my everyday life more than ever.”

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